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Benefits for the Company

Various benefits that can be obtained by the company through the establishment of this partnership:

  • It is a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program dedicated to the public.
  • It is a part of its activities closer with the communities in which it carries on its business activities.
  • It improves the quality of education of the nation through a program supported by the company.



  • Charge necessary for i-Solution program is Rp. 150,000,000 per school / unit.
  • Minimum order is 20 schools (elementary/junior high/senior high) for each district *)
  • Charge for 1 (one) district is Rp. 3,000,000,000 (three billion rupiah) per elementary/junior high/senior high school *)
  • Charge does not include VAT.

*) Chosen for elementary/junior high/senior high schools



The charge will cover:

i-Solution Software

20 computer units for 20 schools at the level of primary/junior high/high schools

10,000 pcs of Edu Voucher per district (500 vouchers per school)

*) Chosen for elementary/junior high/senior high schools


– 50% upfront after the issuing of Work Order (SKP)

– 50% at the conclusion of the project proven with project report and photographic evidence.




The Mechanism of Corporate Cooperation concerning the Education of the Children of the Nation through i-Solution incorporates:

  1. Company’s reservation with I-tutor International, Inc.
  2. Company’s determination of the districts and schools that will receive the assistance
  3. Company’s provision of down payment by 50% after signing the contract/work order and the remaining 50% after the project is completed.
  4. Company’s explication of company profile’s materials that are to be displayed on the computer that will be provided

The obligations of I-Tutor International, Inc. :

  1. Preparing the computer unit, including i-Solution software.
  2. Coordinating with local District Education Office to make this assistance program an official program. The delivery of this assistance program will be witnessed by local district government officials.
  3. Providing training to the teachers of the sponsored schools (3-4 persons) for 3 days in the company grounds.
  4. Creating a project report in the form of a book and a CD that record all executed activities as a whole.


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