Intellectual Property Rights

Care for the Education of Young Generation through the Factual Concept of Learning and Providing Scholarship In Order to Give Motivation in Learning in the Efforts to Enrich the Nation.

A concept of learning that uses factual and scholarship to motivate the young generation to learn.

Imaging Concept

An imaging designed to educate the young generation

Concept and Application of Multimedia Software ILMCI-ISMART-BIOGRAPHY.CO.ID is a multimedia network website

Online Media Learning Concept of Young Generation-Brand Recognition

Learning that will use internet technology

Indonesia Young Generation Concept (Alleviation of Fatuity through the Alleviation of Poverty)

A concept designed to overcome fatuity and poverty of the nation

The Concept of Care for Education of Young Generation and Public Communication Forum through Technology of Information and Mobile APPS

Education and communication concept using IT based applications

Imaginative Paintings

A concept that uses someone’s imaginative in form of paintings

Fuel Management Electronic System (FMES) Appropriate and Targeted IT Solution in Providing BBM Subsidy

An appropriate and targeted concept in providing BBM by using IT based applications

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