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ILMCI Corporation is a business group that engages five business directions namely, education, information and technology, health, agro-industry and entrepreneurship. These businesses sheltered under the wings of different companies and end up towards ILMCI Corporation.

In developing a business, ILMCI Corporation is not only applying the system of direct sales but also applying a variety of breakthroughs and methods such as the franchising/licensing system, tiered sales and partnership with various parties whether they are individuals, private institutions, government institutions or non-governmental organizations.

A variety of government and private institutions both within and outside the country have cooperated with ILMCI Corporation including Indonesian National Army (TNI), The National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas), KOSTRAD, Military Command – Military Command and the local government of provincial and district/municipality through the offices as well as organizations such as the Family of Retired Polri (KBPPP (Keluarga Besar Putra – Putri Purnawirawan POLRI)), Laskar Merah Putih and others. Amongst the foreign institutions are, I-Tutor.Net Pte Ltd, Personal Motion Pte Ltd (a NUS Company), Asknlearn Pte Ltd, Starwaves TV, Digital Resources Pte Ltd, Pixelpoint Multimedia Gmbh and others.

Innovation and development of products in the field of education, technology and information, agro industry and entrepreneurship are continuously developed by ILMCI Corporation. The form of innovation by ILMCI Corporation includes its wide range of intellectual property rights such as “Revolution of Learning Methodology ala Cinema Edutainment, Fuel Management Electronic System – RFID, Care for Children of the Nation’s Education – Factual Learning, Hajj Certification” and the other intellectual property rights.

Various innovative programs have been done by ILMCI Corporation including “CATAD (Smart Children of the Army), Edu Voucher, Webpreneurship, Care for Children of the Nation’s Education” and various other programs those purposes are to improve the dignity and wellbeing of this beloved nation.

In the social community activities, ILMCI Corporation through Yayasan Anak Bangsa Indonesia (Indonesian Foundation Nation’s Young Generations) that is known as the governing body ILMCI Corporation do a variety of cooperation and providing help especially in the programs to educate the young generations of the country including the cooperation with Cakra Cendekia I Educational Home/Kostrad, Paspanres Educational Home, Kodam Wirabhuana Educational Home and others alongside the cooperation with organizations/nongovernmental organizations those managing the guest houses for homeless and poor children. Aside of that, ILMCI Corporation empowers the homeless children and the ones with potential being homeless by guiding and giving them the chance to work. The awareness in the importance of public health becomes the foundation of Public Health Centre (PUSKESRA) where health will be responded in the preventive way and not curative.

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